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Passive Income using Cloud Minting – There is no possible way to have the life you want if you have to go and work every day!

I haven’t worked for anyone since I was twenty-three, I came to the conclusion that I was psychologically unemployable. Some people are!

I have worked as an independent agent with companies and had my own businesses but again I had to work to earn and my time was not my own. I was on the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant.

Fame And Fortune?

Young people want to be famous, but why? Sports and movie stars earn millions per year but their time is not their own, they don’t have any control over their life!

It’s important to stress that I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a job!

Some people love their jobs and income and plans for retirement. The problem is most people do what they do just to get the money they need and that’s no way to live. Just because it’s what everyone does, it doesn’t make it right.

Passive Income simply gives you more choice to live whatever way you want.

A Mind Shift

Here is a great question to ask yourself. “If all your bills were paid and you always had enough in your bank account, what would your day look like?” Even better, write it out on a piece of paper. What time you would get up, what you would eat, the car you would drive, etc.

Next, “How much money would you need to have that life?” Write it down.

Next ask yourself, “How can I afford this life?”

Suddenly by asking yourself three questions you now have a plan! Sounds daft? Try it, it take no more effort to think big than to think small.

Time Freedom

In every case, financial freedom is no good without time-freedom to enjoy it.

Young kids and my wife’s ill health aside, we get up every day and decide what we want to do. We travel when and where we want to, whenever we want to. We picked the best climate in Europe, found the best village, and best area, and moved into it.

We decided to create a life we didn’t want to go on holiday from.

How – What’s the solution?

Passive income Streams! – I was introduced to passive income streams in 2019 and since then have created several. When I say passive, I really mean passive. Set them up and they require little to no maintenance.

There are many ways to earn passive income, some are more complicated than others and some are riskier than others.

Risk is fine but never ever put in anything you can’t afford to lose. Ever!

For the purposes of this website, I have decided to choose the easiest and most risk-free passive income stream that I think anyone can set up. The company behind it, Lyopay, is regulated and compliant for peace of mind and is in its third year of operation. They already have over 200,000 customers in 83 countries and have been very consistent.

*I am not a Financial Advisor and offer no financial advice, this is just something that I am doing and that works well for me.

Cloud Minting

Everyone knows how property works. You buy a house for 100k, and rent it out for 10k per year, that’s a 10% rental return. You get your money back over ten years, minus interest, maintenance, taxes, etc.

Cloud Minting is similar except you are buying hardware that mints/creates cryptocurrency. The good news is you don’t take possession of the hardware. You get an invoice, contract, IP address for the machine and can see it working plus the daily management is taken care of for you.

They cost a minimum of €500 for one-tenth of a unit. A full unit costs €5000 and you earn approx 10% per month for 900 days. (300% total). After that, the company keeps the hardware and will benefit from all future minting.

*As of 25/08/2022 there is an offer running on the website which gives x3.5 on all purchased minting packs. Please see the website for current offers.

wewe global

Set up takes about twenty minutes and the income is paid out daily from around the tenth day after purchase. You can choose to withdraw the rewards daily too if you like, it really is so simple a complete novice could do it.

The only thing you will need to get started is approx €550 which you will need to set up to purchase your first minting unit.

The minimum cost is €100 for countries in Africa, South America, and Asia.

Register and get started HERE

Please get in touch if you know of any other legal, regulated, passive income opportunities which are available. CONTACT I am always keen to add reliable, compliant, projects to my portfolio.

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