Brian McGinty, happily married father of four! Loves travel, learning, teaching, writing, and sport.

Professional Journey

From a family of Funeral Directors, I had a great education, studied law in college, moved into retail management and subsequently property sales / sales management.

After many years of offline, sales I started my online journey in 2010….But not by choice!

I met my future wife Emma, a Christian Missionary, who became chronically unwell with M.E. / Arthritis and was unable to work. Needing to be at home to look after her meant working online was the only option.

If we were going to have a family, and Emma was going to get better, an online business had to work!

Successes and “Failures”

I believe that there is no such thing as failure, you either succeed or learn.

Since 2010 I have created and sold websites, was an independent affiliate for several companies including a gold company. More recently I have worked as a consultant for two online businesses, helping them launch their products. Most ventures were successful, some were not, but I learned a great deal from every experience.

Four Ways To Earn Income

I’m sure you didn’t come to this page to hear my life story so let’s get down to some useful information that can help you. I’ll start by introducing you to “The Cashflow Quadrant”. (Below)

We are not taught about this in school, but fortunately, I learned about it in time to do something about it. Most of us believe, as I did, that we need to work to earn money. The rich don’t, they make money work for them.

I started on “E” in 1996, (retail), moved to “S”, (Independent agent/self employed) in 2003, discovered “B”, (affiliate marketing), in 2013, and finally worked out how to do “I”, (investing), around 2019!

In short, passive income streams, “I”, are the best way to live the life you want. You may have to start on “E”, “S” or “B” but you want to have a plan to get to “I”, that’s where the real time freedom is.

Using affiliate businesses, “B” can be a great way to grow income quickly to get to “I”. The key is to find the right one and good, honest products to promote.

If you find a product you like and enjoy often the company will have an affiliate/referral option where you can start earning some money to put into “I”

For “I”, I use “Cloud Minting”, “Staking” and running “Nodes” on my PC. All ways to make money work for me.

This has given me the income and free time I need to help Emma, and spend lots of good quality time with my young children.

The Purpose Of This Website

Through this website, I will provide information that I believe can help anyone of any age achieve whatever time, health, and financial freedom they desire.

Just remember that “Knowledge isn’t power, university libraries are full of broke, unhappy students and professors!”

Applied knowledge is power! You need to know how to apply what you learn.

Check out the various tabs and click the links for free ebooks and other resources. Join me on my social media pages for regular updates and tips. If you want more good health, time money, and just overall contentment you will find it all on these channels.

My Future

Right now my focus is on improving my wife’s health and spending time with my children. They won’t be this fantastic, fun age forever and I don’t want to miss any of it.

Emma is improving every month but we have to keep trying new ways to find treatments for chronic fatigue and spinal arthritis.

Work Life

I don’t think I will ever “retire”, not having to work is not the same as not wanting to work. I do believe we are either growing or dying, you cannot stand still. This website, my social media, and helping people “Get a life” is now my work and I really enjoy it.

“Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Mark Twain

I still keep a close eye on emerging blockchain technology and potential new passive income streams to add to my portfolio. Unfortunately, for every good, legal, compliant business you find you do need to get through a thousand others!

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions please get in touch with me through the contact form or social media channels. I am currently writing a book to bring everything I have learned together so your feedback is extremely helpful.

To your success, Brian.