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When you were a kid, you wanted to be lots of things. All you had to do was see a new movie, read another book or meet someone really cool, and you had a new role model.

There’s not much focus on your future self as a young child. There shouldn’t be. All kids should be allowed to act like kids. And one of the things kids do oh so well is have a rock-solid belief that they can be anything when they grow up.

Then we hit our teen years, and we get more focus. Because of our parents, school, and other influences, we begin to think about our adult lives, at least a little bit. What do we want to be? What are we passionate about? What would be the best job in the world to have?

Then we hit our twenties, and what we previously wanted to become changes. Before you hit your thirties, you changed your mind a dozen times when you thought about the life you wanted to create for yourself.

You might hit your thirties, forties, or fifties and still not have any clear direction. Your life is fine, but you don’t feel like you’re living with purpose.

You might be doing very well financially. Many of us have skills and abilities that allow us to earn a good living, but if it was up to us, we’d be doing something else. Many people work jobs because they have to. They “have to” keep a roof over their family’s heads, and they “have to” pay for groceries and other essentials of life.

Wouldn’t it be much better, more fulfilling, and enriching, with more happiness and less stress, if we could live a “want to” life?

You get to do the things you “want to do” instead of spending 50 or 60, or 70 years doing things you’re forced to do.

That truly is possible. You just need to identify the necessary steps to create your perfect life. You also need to identify the unnecessary activities many of us waste time performing.

You eliminate the unnecessary and focus on the necessary.

This is possible when you identify your “Big Why. ” This is the one big reason (or reasons) you get up and go to work every day. It’s why you suffer through tiresome, mundane, but necessary tasks and activities. It’s your biggest motivating factor. Get a clear picture of this powerful motivator. Every day, you’ll be driven to eliminate unnecessary activities and work on those necessary to achieve your biggest goals.

The First Step to Discovering Your “Big Why”

This is pretty simple, really. Just ask yourself the following question.

What motivating factor helps you get through tasks and responsibilities you’d rather not be doing?

Some things in our lives are necessary, but we don’t like dealing with them. These can be different things for different people. But we all have responsibilities that must be taken care of, which wouldn’t exist in our dream worlds.

If your life was perfect in every way, you had absolute happiness and joy and fulfillment, and you wanted nothing financially, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, you would not waste a single second on these activities. Unfortunately, that dream world doesn’t exist for most of us; not yet, anyway.

So we dread having to deal with certain things. We know they’re necessities, so we do them anyway.

When this happens, think of the reasons why you do these things. What’s driving you? What’s your motivation? What’s the reason you’re willing to do something unenjoyable and unremarkable?

This can hint at a deeper, bigger motivation in your life, your … “Big Why.”

Nobody continues to show up for work every day at a job they despise because they like the abuse. They do it because it helps them accomplish certain goals. Perhaps it’s because they developed a goal to retire early and know they can make a good living at this job.

They don’t like the job, and it doesn’t like them. However, it allows them to earn a lot of money. This person’s “Big Why” isn’t to retire early. That’s the action that delivers the bigger goal. The big motivating factor here is to get out of that job as soon as possible, and spend 30 or 40 years at the end of their life doing what they want, when they want, and with who they want.

That motivates them to work hard at a thankless, mind-numbing job, and it’s why they keep going to work every day.

Think about What You Want, and You’ll Discover What’s Necessary

Look back on your life. What did you do last week, last year, and five years ago that you thought was really important at the time? Looking back, you realize there were some unnecessary, time-wasting activities.

Anyone can look backward and identify their lives’ unnecessary and necessary aspects. It’s also possible to ensure that you only focus on essential activities today and in the future. You do that by thinking about the biggest things you want in your life.

  • Don’t be afraid to think big.
  • What reality do you want to create next year and years from now?
  • What kind of life do you want to be living?
  • What do you really want out of life?
  • What are your values and beliefs? What’s important to you?
  • If the proverbial genie in a lamp gave you three wishes, what would they be?

These are the things you really want. Think deeply, and not just in the short term.

Many people think they want millions of dollars, but will that address your deep emotional and spiritual needs? Finding your true purpose, what truly motivates you, means outlining the specific and exact things you want in your life today, next year, and in the long term.

Once you have these in mind, you’ll know what’s necessary. You’ll be able to see what unnecessary actions and activities you’re performing that are derailing you from achieving your goal.

Think about what you want in life and discover what’s necessary. Then take action on the necessary and throw out the unnecessary.

Taking Action on Your “Big Why”

What would you do if I gave you tonight’s winning lottery numbers? Money is not the answer to all questions. But it can help you improve your life in many ways. So if I gave you the winning numbers for the lottery, what would you do?

Most people would start talking about all the things they would buy. They’re avoiding the obvious. The first thing you need to do is go buy a lottery ticket!

You have to take action.

Asking yourself the questions mentioned above can help you discover the big motivating factor in your life. It helps you live a life of purpose, focusing on the tasks and actions necessary to create the dream you have in your mind. It also helps you identify and avoid unnecessary activities and habits.

Now it’s time to take action.

Maybe your “Big Why” is that you want to create the best life for your children. What is that going to take? What do you need to do? Make a game plan and get started. Start taking the daily steps necessary to create that reality.

The most powerful motivations, your greatest dreams, are worthless if you don’t do the things necessary to turn them from thoughts into reality. Identify what’s necessary to live your dream life, and then start doing the things essential to helping you get there.


Most people have at least a vague idea of what they want. If their dream life isn’t fleshed out and detailed in their mind, they at least know that they want something more than they have right now. That’s the case with a lot of us.

We know our current existence could give us so much more. It’s not that we mind working for a living or completing the mundane but necessary tasks in our daily routine. It’s just that we wish after our efforts, the end result would be something better than it currently is.

Does that sound like you?

If you’re reading this report, probably so. You’re one of those people who desire more. You’re not happy with scraping by or running in the rat race for 60 years to retire with very little money.

You don’t want your post-employment years to reveal that your finances will end before you do. You also don’t want to count down the last few years of your life with the realization that you missed out on the things that were truly important to you.

You can guarantee that you accomplish the important things in your life if you take the time to prioritize what’s important. What’s your “Big Why”? What motivates you? What helps you through the tough times, the mundane and day-to-day routine, because you know that it’s all worthwhile. It’s going to pay off by delivering you something that really matters.

Use this report to uncover your values and beliefs. They influence the goals you give yourself and the big things you want to accomplish. Then develop a game plan and get to work. Spend time on the things necessary to get you to the finish line. Eliminate the unnecessary habits and activities we all devote too much time to.

This can help you free up your life so you do more of the things you want to do and spend less of your valuable time and energy on things you have to do.

To your best-ever life!

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To your success!

Brian McGinty

Brian McGinty

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